Monday, July 18, 2011

It's been a while

Wow, so I was going to blog more regularly.  That lasted for a few weeks.
Well, I am back again, this time with a board review.  As you may or may not know Fickle has been going through a restructuring and bringing production in house and local, so we have been "gasp" buying our own boards.  Whatever kind we want.  I have gotten hooked on creatures during this time, mostly because or the board sizes available (I have been buying 8.8).  I have had quite a few creatures during the last 6 months and overall they have been very good.  Only one warped, and it was very slight, none with a complete break, and making it about a 3-4 weeks before the mush sets in.

So then I got a P2 (poop 2 I think is what this stands for).  If you haven't seen one of these this is the "new" big thing.  A huge oval of the top layer is cut out and replaced with some type of kevlar composite (anyone remember boneite)

Ok, this board felt great as far as size and for the first couple of days the pop felt great.  Then it all started to change.  Skies turned black and mush set in.  This board had one of the weirdest flexes I have seen.  When doing lipslides this board would bend beyond belief.

I tolerated this for awhile thinking it must just be me, but the more I skated it the more it got on my nerves.  I skated this board for about 1 week total and just could not stand it anymore.  I took the board apart and pulled the grip off to see what in the world was going on with this thing.  Guess what I found?  a beautiful pattern atop the kevlar oval.  Vertical cracks the entire area of the kevlar and some seperation (big enough for a fingernail) around this kevlar oval.

So now I have to ask myself, why do companies continue to have to come up with the next "new" thing?  Is it because all they can offer is wood from china that punks out after a week or two?  Do they think that some very minor weight difference is worth it?  Why can't companies just focus on making solid wood and be proud of that.  Quit trying to convince kids that they need a gimmick when what they really need is a solid board that will last more than one session and is not so easy to focus in front of your friends when you can't land your switch hardflip front bing bang down that 20 stair (or more likely some trick on a 6" ledge).

Get on some solid wood and forget the gimmicks!

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Holy Crap!!!

Wow, I have really been on top of this blog thing.  Only like 8 months ago since I posted.  Alot has happened in the past 8 months.  Fickle is making boards straight out of the hood, we have skated, people have learned tricks, and people have lost tricks.  There you go, that about catches you up.

Interesting thing over the past week or so.  Our good friend Kevin Minty (I know that is not the spelling, but it should be) thought the skatepark was a UFC ring and went for the flying head butt.  A little blood from his ear and it was off to the proctologist (wait, that would be for blood from the rear, oh well I am sure it was some type of doctor).  Now Kevin is walking at a 45 degree angle every where he goes (don't worry, doctor says he should get it back to no more than 15 degree angle in no time).  Always trying to keep up a few days after Kevin's slam I decided to do a flying back dive into a waterfall, unfortunately is was made of concrete.  I only managed to get a lump on the back of my skull, sorry Kevin I cannot keep up with the gnar.

So this leads to an interesting thing.  Why don't we wear helmets?!?  Are helmets uncool.  Well, in a literal term they are (it's kinda hot in there).  Do I care if kids wear helmets, wrist guards, knee pads, Burnquist hip protectors, lace savers, etc?  No.  If you feel more comfortable wearing pads then go for it.  Do what helps you progress.  Why don't I wear pads or helmets?  It does not make me more comfortable or feel like landing something I normally wouldn't.  It actually has the opposite feel.  I don't like the restriction that pads give and actually to me skating is about a feeling of freedom.  To me that freedom comes from letting my body feel the wind and sometimes the concrete.

I have been skating for quite a while (actually quit took a break longer than alot of kids have skated).  How often have I been seriously hurt?  Really none.  A few breaks, and probably a lifetime of arthritis, but that is not that serious.  And guess what;  I don't wear pads or helmets.  That is not to say that it can't happen, but seriously, I could die in a car wreck on the way to the park, or worse off die a slow death from all of the chemicals that are in the water and in our factory farmed food.  So my point, none!  Skate and have fun.  If pads help you progress then put on pads.