Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Having fun?

You know, I have built a few ramps in the past.  Some at my house, some for others.  There is definitely a good feeling about building a ramp in your own back yard (much better than seeing someone else's ramp going up - unless you are helping me, then seeing someone else's ramp is the most fun).  Along with that good feeling of seeing a great ramp going up in your backyard is the realization that you live in an adult world full of stupid rules and regulations.  This is the 2nd house that I have lived in where I have built an outdoor ramp of decent size and for the 2nd time I am working through bureaucracy of city planning and zoning committees.  All this to protect who?  Me? The neighbors?  Nope, just another way to milk some money from me.  I am building a backyard ramp, not a 2nd story on my house.  Why is it I need permits for this?

This weekend we will attempt to move the ramp about 4 feet to keep a 5 foot gap from my fence.  Why?  because that is the zoning requirement.  It could be worse, I could need a building permit.  Luckily Boone county does not require this for anything under 12 feet tall.  So now we are going to be one weekend behind but this will make the ramp legal.  I am sure there will be other battles over the course of having the ramp.  It is rare that other adults (yes, I am counting myself as an adult) will stand for watching people have fun without having to butt in and try to end it.  I could be wrong and I hope I am, but I am guessing this is just the beginning of "fun" battles.

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